Tuesday, August 28, 2012


As the daily intake of healthy, clean water is a vital prerequisite for good health, with BEYOND WATER, it is now possible for you to have source of Natural Living Water right in your own home or office!

The importance of drinking pure, natural and energised healthy drinking water!

There are many water systems in the market today. Most of them are variations of filters in one type or another and claim to effectively remove sediment, minerals and possible harmful ingredients from your drinking water. However, the purpose of an exceptional water filtration, purification and activation system such as BEYOND WATER is not only to simply remove foreign residue and dangerous contaminants but to provide pure, natural and energised healthy drinking water. BEYOND WATER consists of 7 chambers of filtration media, which is able to remove the widest spectrum of harmful and dangerous contaminants, reducing water molecule cluster size with far-infrared rays and magnetising the water to stabilise water molecules for better health.

With an all-new sleek body design, the BEYOND WATER 2nd generation improved model comes with even more enhanced features to provide more significant benefits including the innovative use of advanced Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial Balls, which brilliantly enhance microorganism and bacterial elimination from the water as well as the addition of Calcium Alkali Ceramic Balls that help to control the water pH and further enhance the mineral content in the water. BEYOND WATER's Natural Living Water is created by reforming water through a unique combination of 13 types of quality filtration, purification and activation media as well as an end-stage magnetiser, thus providing you with a tremendous opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle wherever you are.
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 BEYOND WATER:mengandungi kebok pdf 5 berpaten..dimana tiada penapis air yg lain boleh meniru patern yg dibuat khas untuk penapis air zhulian.....memecahkan molekul-molekul dari 16 molekul dalam setitik air kpd 3-4 molekul...
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